I've been working hard on my character animation skills over the past year. This one is called "Into Daddy's Arms" inspired by the incredible gift it its to have daughters. Here's to all you girl dads out there!

Willy's had better days. But, he's resilient...as all pirates are.

I've been doing a deep dive into Character animation over the past several months through ianimate.net. This and the video below are assignments from Feature Animation Workshop 3. Instructor: Mike Walling

As a Girl Dad, I would give it all up to see them reach their dreams. I love you my daughters!!

This is a first go at using Cinema 4D with Kitbash3D assets to build a building, then import it into Unreal Engine for rendering. The landscape and tree assets are from Brushify.io. It's not perfect, but an improvement nonetheless. Fun to learn new things!
This is an infinite ocean test. The steps forward on this one are the animated waves, water splashing on the rocks and the haze moving across the scene. The WIP is the repeating wave pattern under the sun. Onward and upward.

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