This is some of my latest work. Thanks for checking it out!

I spent Summer 2022 to Summer 2023 doing a deep dive into character animation. HUGE thanks to my teachers Alexis Wanneroy and Michael Walling for an amazing experience and incredible growth. Can't wait to put these skills to work!

This is a collection of some projects and techniques from 2022. Most of the 3D is C4D and Octane, but the church, the sunset scene just after and the clouds scene are Unreal 4. The buildings are sourced from Kitbash 3D. I learned some really great map techniques using QGIS from the amazing Ryan Trommer at Evolve. The tree work is a combination of Forester and X Particles Taiao, and the Motion Backgrounds are for LifeWay camps. The portrait is part of an NFT project for Jeremy Cowart. Other designers I worked with are Grant Willingham ( on the ball and chain, and Robert Hughes ( on the book opening.
3:00 Storm Tossed Family - Modeling, Animation, 3D Design, Lighting/Octane 
5:00 Personal Project - Composition, Lighting/Octane 
7:00 Personal Project - Modeling, Composition, Lighting/Octane 
9:00 Love Makes You Move Lyric Video - Design, Modeling/Mixamo, Redshift 
11:00 Provident Films Logo - 3D Design, Lighting, Animation/Octane 
14:00 Salty Roan Logo - 3D Design, Lighting, Animation/xParticles, Octane 
16:00 Personal Project - Design, Lighting, Animation/xParticles, Octane 
18:00 Digital Media Evironment - 3D Design, Lighting/xParticles, Standard Renderer 
20:00 Providence - Animation/After Effects, Cinema 4D 
27:00 Providence - Animation/After Effects, Trapcode Particular 
29:00 LifeWay The Word Became Flesh Curriculum - Animation/After Effects 
31:00 College Day Mt. Zion Baptist Church - Animation/After Effects 
33:00 LifeWay eBook explainer - Rigging, Blocking, Animatic, Animation/After Effects, Duik, Joysticks and Sliders 
35:00 Trackers of Faith - Rigging, Aimation/After Effects, Duik 
41:00 School Of Motion Blend 3015 - 3D Design, Animation/Cinema 4D, After Effects 
42:00 LifeWay Trustworthy Curriculum - Design, Animation/After Effects

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