This was an extremely fun project for LifeWay Simulcast. I had the privilege of storyboarding, designing, modeling, rigging, and animating the entire piece.
Step 1: Production Schedule
This is a typical explainer video done over the course of 5 weeks starting in November of 2018.
Step 2: Treatments
At this stage in the process typically the client has finalized a script and is ready to begin the process for animation.  If you don't have a script and would like to enlist my help in developing one, I'm happy to help. As stated in my bio, I have over 20 years of experience in "getting the message across."

​These are the treatments (basic idea in a paragraph) I submitted to LifeWay so they could choose the best path that they envisioned for this animation.
Step 3: Mood Boards
Here are the moodboards that correspond to the treatments.  I added a second style in the 2D look for their consideration.  The consensus was 3D.
Step 4: Visual Scripts
Visual scripts are basic ideas for the visuals for each part of the script written out in paragraph form.  LifeWay chose a mix of literal and metaphor.
Steps 2, 3, and 4 are typically submitted at the same time for the client's consideration.
Step 5: Storyboards 
This is an example of the first page of storyboards that I put together for this animation. It eventually was about 100 drawings. This is typically not presented to the client, but instead animated along with a temporary voice over and music in the next step: the Animatic.
Step 6: Animatic
This is the stage of the process that problems in the timing and visuals can be worked out so the design phase can go as smoothly as possible.  LifeWay made the decision that they wanted the main character to be African-American.
Step 7: Style Frames
These are the series of style frames that I submitted to LifeWay.  You can see how the characters and scenes evolved through the feedback I got from them.
Step 8: Boardamatic
This is the final step before Animation.  All of the design elements including color, timing, look and feel are decided.  This is basically the Animatic with the designed elements inserted. With this finalized, it's time for the fun...Animation!
Step 9: Animation!
With 3 rounds of notes, this process works out all of the final kinks and wrinkles to produce the final product.

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