The brief for this intro was to take historical pictures and give them dimension and parallax. I used Cinema 4D for the opening shot and Photoshop and After Effects for the subsequent shots. I love the musical choice and the singers that finish this spot!
This was a fun intro. I modeled the record in Cinema 4D, then used Element 3D to animate it. Back to Cinema 4D along with Mixamo to animate the dancers. The confetti was in Trapcode Particular and the smoke elements are classic Video Copilot Action Essentials. It was a good design with lots of fun elements. 
I was given some drone footage and the logos for this one. I was in charge of editing the footage and animating the logos on. I sourced the opening water from Envato Elements.
This one was a fun exercise in combining tools. The bridge was modeled out in Cinema 4D and imported into Element 3D for animation. The stars are animated with Trapcode Particular. For the spiral movement on the notes coming in I animated nulls in Cinema 4D and brought them over to After Effects using a lesser known plugin called AEC4D. It's incredible and I find myself using it often to bring things from Cinema into After Effects. It's kind of like Overlord for C4D. 
The brief for this one was to make a looping video that could be played between conference programs as well as before the conference began. I used Cinema 4D to make the looping road texture in the background. For the pictures, I made different patterns of rectangles in Adobe Illustrator and used those as alpha mattes in After Effects for the animation. This one was a quick turn around and I was able to finish it in a day.

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